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Customized tailor made Shredders to meet customer specific requirements which are used extensively by our customers from the Pharmaceutical, Packaging & Banking Industry. Requirements range from shredding expired medicine strips, pet bottles, high volume paper used for packaging, files, corrugated boxes, glued labels etc. Extensions such has Hopper, Conveyor Belts for continuous feed to Locked Data Containers to store confidential papers prior to shredding have been made available.


IPS -415-5

IPS -900-10

Model IPS -900-10 IPS -415-5
Type Strip cut Strip cut
Cutting width 8mm 8mm
Capacity 250-300 sheets (A4 Size -75 gsm) 50-60 sheets (A4 Size -75 gsm)
Opening 900mm 415mm
Shredding Speed 16 meters/second 15 meters/second
Dimension 1585mmx700mmx1350mm 970mmx(600+900)mmx1150mm
Matter for Locked Data Container

Locked Data Containers are used to store confidential papers prior to shredding. Its steel body with horizontal stiffening ribs & internal locking ensures papers once inputted cannot be retrieved unless one has the key to the container. Rubber wheels of dia. 200 mm with a handle fixed at the rear side makes it convenient to handle the container.
Capacity 240 Litres
Internal size 550mmx450mmx1030mm
External size 700mmx570mmx1055mm
Weight 20 KGs
Colour Siemens Grey/Green/Beige
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CH-IPS314 CH-IPS314 IPS Hopper type
Locked Data Container Locked Data Container Locked Data Container
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