Flange Spreaders replace flange gaskets safely and easily without hammering. Flange spreaders are attached to flange hole and its wedge action opens the gap, after replacing the gasket, flanges will finally resume their exact positions. It is always used in pairs.

  1. Remove two diametrically opposite flange bolts
  2. Place spreader jaws into free bolt holes and tighten the screws until spreader are in upheld position
  3. Remove remaining flange bolts
  4. Tighten bolt screws simultaneously to widen gap evenly, permitting easy work between flanges
  5. Back off screw to allow flanges to rejoin accurately
Technical Specification
Rated for DIN Flanges Style and Size – Range (mm) Weight
80-250 mm MECHANICAL – M16 - M24 1.5Kg
250-600 mm HYDRAULIC – M25 - M38 20Kg*
* Weight with Hand Pump
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